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Vitax Clematis Fertiliser 0.9kg


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  • For healthy plants and bright flowers
  • Also suitable for other climbing plants

Further Information

A balanced organic feed that provides the nutrients that are vital for vigorous growth and bright flowers. Supplied in pelleted form, it is easy to handle and apply, and is suitable for Clematis and other climbing plants. The fertiliser is rich in natural nutrients, including potassium, to encourage vigorous growth and prolific flowering. Clematis should be planted in humus rich soil in a shady spot where their roots are protected from the sun. For established plants it should be applied in March and then every three months during the growing season. For new planting, the fertiliser should be spread around the base of the plant. Sprinkle pellets evenly at 60g per square metre. Compound Fertiliser 7-4-10.2 containing magnesium and trace elements. Always read the label on your purchased product before use.

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