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Miracle-Gro Slow Release All Purpose Plant Food 1kg + 30% Free


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  • Grows plants twice as big
  • One application feeds for up to 6 months

Further Information

These Miracle-Gro Plant Food granules release tiny amounts of plant food each day, ensuring that plants are not short of balanced nutrients over the 6 month growing season. One simple application feeds your plants for the whole season, removing the need for regular feeding. As a result, this product is best applied in early spring. Perfect for a whole range of plants, including bedding, vegetables, trees, shrubs, roses, as well as containers and hanging baskets. Application is easy, for bedding plants and vegetables just sprinkle evenly at 75g per meter square. Alternatively, when planting trees, shrubs and containers, just add 25g to every 10 litres of compost used. NPK Fertiliser 17-9-11 containing magnesium and micronutrients

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