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Hozelock Aquapod 10 Kit 2822


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  • Quick and easy watering system for greenhouses
  • Can reduce water usage by an incredible 90%

Further Information

Take the hard work out of watering your greenhouse plants. This kit will quickly and easily water your plants, freeing up time for you to actually enjoy your garden. This kit contains all you need to water up to four growbags or 10 plants, perfect for the average sized greenhouse. As the water is directed straight to the plant?s soil, this kit can reduced your water usage by an amazing 90% when compared to watering with a traditional watering can. The main feature of the Hozelock Greenhouse Watering system are the unique AquaPods, which deliver a constant flow of water to your plants. The AquaPods have few components, making them effortless to install (usually taking only 5 minutes) compared to traditional drip watering kits. Each AquaPod unit contains 5 x1m hoses, which can each be pulled out, rewound and turned on/off independently. The flexibility of AquaPod allows for the system to be extended or moved to another part of your garden quickly and effortlessly. The leak free design comes with a two-year guarantee. The Aquapod's can sit on the floor, or use either the built in hook to allow it to be suspended from the roof of the greenhouse, or the wall bracket to allow it to be fastened onto staging. At the end of the season it can be stored away thanks to its retractable micro pipelines. You can change the position of the drippers in only 2 minutes and add up to 9 more Aquapods to water up to 39 individual pots. This kit contains a pressure reducing connector, 20m of hose, two AquaPods, and 10 stakes.

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