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Vitax Sulphate Of Iron 1kg


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  • Ideal for acid loving plants
  • Reduces the alkalinity of soils

Further Information

Vitax Sulphate of Iron can be used to reduce the alkalinity of soils, helping make available the natural elements and nutrients essential to the healthy cultivation of plants which thrive in acid conditions. All calcifuges (lime hating) plants such as Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Magnolias, Conifers, as well as many Ericas and Alpines can benefit from a regular top dressing with Sulphate of Iron. In addition to improving the habitat, this fertilizer supplies iron - a vital trace element. Apply to established shrubs and plants as a top dressing during the growing season at the rate of 35 grams per square metre. Lightly how and water well after application. Always read the label on your purchased product before use.

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