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Vitax Yellow Sulphur 225g


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  • Protects bulbs and corms against rot
  • Proven treatment against powdery mildew

Further Information

Sulphur helps promote strong healthy growth and prevents yellowing of leaves on many plants including gooseberrys, chrysanthemums, cineraria, cucumbers, delphiniums, ornamental hops, hyachinths, marrows, peas, roses, strawberries and grapevines. Sulphur is an important secondary nutrient for all plants. It forms a vital component of many amino acids and is therefore essential for efficient protein production. Since the introduction of stricter pollution controls, sulphur deposition from the atmosphere has greatly decreased and many soils in the UK are now sulphur deficient. Now that the air is cleaner, some soils require extra sulphur to keep plants healthy. Sulphur deficiency shows as a yellowing between the veins and around the margins of the youngest leaves and can increase a plant's susceptibility to a range of diseases like powdery mildew and blackspot on roses. For the best results, the powder should be applied at the first signs of disease to both sides of the foliage in affected plants. A minimum of seven days should be allowed between treatments. Yellow Sulphur will also protect bulbs, corms and tubers against storage rot, including Penicillium rot in gladioli and Schlerotina rot in dahlia. The powder should be applied before storing away. Can also be used as a conditioner on soils for acid loving plants. Always read the label on your purchased product before use.

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