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Vitax Py Bug Killer RTU 750ml


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  • Rapid control of a vast variety of pests
  • Highly effective formula

Further Information

A fast acting, ready to use insecticide produced from nature's own insecticide - the African pyrethrum plant. Edible crops can be picked the next day, making it an ideal insecticide for fruit and vegetables. Also perfect for use on glasshouse, garden and household plants. Py Spray Insect Killer controls whitefly, blackfly, greenfly, caterpillars, thrips, and leaf feeding beetles on edible and ornamental plants. Can also be used to control many household pests including ants and wasps. This is a contact insecticide to be applied at any time when pests are present. Some varieties of Hydrangea, Dahlia and Crassula may be sensitive to Py Spray Garden Killer. Always read the label on your purchased product before use. Use pesticides safely.

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