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Jeyes Fluid 1Ltr


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  • Incredibly versatile outdoor cleaner
  • Kills bacteria, disinfects, and neutralises odours

Further Information

Jeyes Fluid can be used for a multitude of outdoor cleaning tasks, from neutralising odours and killing bacteria in and around drains, to disinfecting after pet fouling or clearing up wild and domestic bird mess. It is also perfect for clearing fungi, mould and algae from paths, driveways and patios as well as cleaning and disinfecting pots prior to planting. List of uses: - Use in your outdoor drains to neutralise odours and remove germ-laden grease and dirt. - Keep your paths and driveways clean and clear by removing all traces of dirt, mould algae and fungi stains. - Ensure your patio is hygienically clean for your family?s use by disinfecting after pet fouling. - Protect your pets and animals from harmful pests and neutralise odours by cleaning and disinfecting kennels, hutches and stables on a regular basis. - Use to disinfect surfaces against Avian Influenza (including the N5N1 strain), Paramixa virus and Newcastle disease. - Create the best growing environment for your plants by thoroughly disinfecting your greenhouse twice a year. - Can prevent a build up of slime in your water butt.

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