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Chapelwood Bee & Ladybird Nesting Box


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  • Made from FSC cedar
  • The perfect habitat for bees and ladybirds
  • Height: 22.7cm
  • Width: 17.5cm

Further Information

Provides a safe and secure habitat for solitary bees and ladybirds. Made from a solid cedar and bamboo construction, all from FSC-certified responsible sources. Help to restore the declining population of Britain's wildlife. Bees are the gardens best pollinators and help the garden grow. Some varieties such as the honey bee live together whilst others like mason bees prefer a more solitary life. This wildlife box is designed to provide a safe habitat for solitary bees, ladybirds, and other garden insects. This wildlife box is ideally positioned to a tree or a post around 1m in height, amongst or near scented flowers wherever possible. A south facing position is beneficial to maximise the exposure to early sunlight. Over the wintertime, store the box in a shed to prevent direct exposure to colder weather conditions. This will vastly increase the survival rate.

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