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Nuttery Seed Feeder XL (XLA-D01)


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  • Protects bird seed from squirrels and cats
  • Provides a safe feeding haven in your garden
  • H&W: 36cm x 20cm
  • Colour: Grey

Further Information

This high quality extra large bird seed feeder features a lockable lid, as well as strengthened UV stabilised tube preventing excess weathering, ensuring a longer life in use. Fits 660g of bird seed, with a height of 36cm and width of 20cm. All Nuttery feeders are guaranteed squirrel, cat and big bird proof. The patented design gives garden birds all round access whilst preventing the body of an average adult grey squirrel from passing through the bars and stealing the food. The Nuttery Squirrel Proof bird feeders are famous for a reason. They are beautifully made using the highest quality materials and look great in any setting. Suitable for year round feeding, they attract a wide variety of birds, providing a safe feeding haven in your garden.

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