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Chambers Rockin' Robin 1.5kg + 25% FOC


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  • Contains a robin's favourite insects and mealworms
  • Great for other insect loving birds

Further Information

Rockin' Robin Feast contains a robin's favourite insects and mealworms, fortified with extra minerals and vitamins. Can be served from a seed feeder, ground feeder or a bird table. Ideal not only for Robins, but other insect loving birds too, including Blue Tit, Chaffinch, Coal Tit, Gold Finch and Great Tit. Tom Chambers have created nourishing and natural mixes using only the finest ingredients, to attract a wide variety of garden birds all year round. Rockin' Robin Feast can be used loose on a bird table or served from a Tom Chambers seed feeder. By providing garden birds with food you will bring them close to you, allowing you the joy of watching birds throughout the year. Your food could also make a huge difference to endangered species, helping them to both thrive and continue to breed successfully. Garden birds should be fed all year round, however during the autumn and winter months feeding is vital when naturally found food is in short supply. Feed the birds regularly and continuously throughout the year as birds quickly become dependant on you for food. Try to have several feeding sites around the garden to prevent overcrowding of one location. Please be aware that different birds will have different feeding habits, whilst many birds will use a feeder others prefer a table or a ground feeder. Regularly clean your feeders to help reduce the spread of disease.

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